Tiltad & klar - en podcast om Poker!

Tilted & Ready is a podcast about Poker that premiered on January 14, 2020.

In the podcast, we touch on current and historical events in the poker world, among other things. We meet poker profiles from the absolute highest tables on the net, wonderful profiles from the club world and people who were part of the good old days, when online poker did not exist.

In addition to our lovely cottage men Marcus Malmsten, Bengt Sonnert and Timothy Härold, we also meet Jerry ”perrymejsen” Ödeen and the infamous writer Simon ”dybban” Lindell at regular intervals.

We have also had with the Founder of the Suite special Anders ”Bengan” Bengtsson. Super professionals Christian “Eisenhower1” Jeppsson and Kristoffer “Sasuke234” Edberg. The always equally sharp Magnus Betnér, the Swedish Games legend Per “Monopol” Andersson, and the Hall of Fame Ola Brandborn.

Listen to the episodes here and feel free to make requests if there is someone you want us to interview or talk well with. Of course, more profiles are promised in the future when the world’s best poker pod continues to deliver good talk. 

The pod is available except here on most platforms, or as Syre and Dahl usually say: Where pods are.

Guest list Tilted & Ready:

  • Sargon “Giants” Rüya
  • Noelia Ivars Rico
  • Bo “Legato” Sehlstedt
  • Mikael Thuritz
  • Timothy “Timman” Herald
  • Jesper “mulenjr” Jolheden
  • Anton Wigg
  • Marcus “SYRE” Malmsten
  • Robin Ylitalo
  • Simon Brändström
  • Linda Kinhult
  • Jonathan Hellman
  • Jerry “The Perry Tit” Destiny
  • Simon “dybban” Lindell
  • Ola Brandborn
  • Anders “Bengan” Bengtsson
  • Kristoffer “Sasuke234” Edberg
  • Christan “Eisenhower1” Jeppsson
  • Per “Monopoly” Andersson
  • Magnus Betnér
  • Erik “Valterego” Rosenborg